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BeOS & Derivatives This is one of those news items that's fun to write, fun to read, fun to comment on, and where no one will be able to say anything unkind. It's all just one big ball of awesome fluffiness. TuneTracker, the BeOS radio automation software, has just released something very special: TuneTracker System 5, the first version designed entirely and specifically for Haiku. In fact, it actually includes Haiku in the software package. Better yet, TuneTracker also unveiled several system-in-a-box products - which have Haiku and TuneTracker pre-installed.
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RE: Comment by BBAP
by galvanash on Thu 9th May 2013 03:18 UTC in reply to "Comment by BBAP"
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Maybe there is spin off for an in-car entertainment system. Or run XBMC or something custom on Haiku for lounge room media centres...


What I would like to see is something very much LIKE xbmc written for Haiku... For the following reasons I think it would be an excellent project for the community to work on:

1. Use file attributes to store all the metadata on the media (instead of having to use sqlite/mysql like xbmc does). It seems like a perfect fit for Haiku (probably the reason TuneTracker is still a BeOS app).

2. Use it as an excuse to focus more attention on Media Kit. Work has been done on it but its not close to optimal yet. My hope is to see Media Kit get good enough that a good full featured media center type application could be written using it (instead of having to implement everything internally like xbmc does).

3. Its not an easy task, but it isn't that hard either. Im pretty familiar with XBMC (did some development on it here and there), and if Media Kit was doing all the playback work and the filesystem was doing all the metadata indexing, all you have left is doing a good UI, a scanner, and a plugin architecture. I doubt you would want to get as fancy as xbmc with the state of OpenGL on Haiku at the moment, but I think you could do something decent using webkit/blink to do the rendering.

4. Thread the hell out of the media scanner! XBMC is like 100X faster than it used to be when scanning items into the library, even still I have 350 lines or so of naive code (written in node.js no less) that can outperform it by a few orders of magnitude - and that is on Windows... It is the perfect problem to attack with Haiku's exceptional threading, its all network latency bound.

5. It sounds like fun. Developers like fun projects ;)

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