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Legal "The European Commission has accused Motorola Mobility of abusing its standard-essential patents against Apple in Germany. The Commission has sent a Statement of Objections to the company over a misuse of its GPRS patents, which has seen Motorola pursue injunctions against Apple products instead of properly licensing the technology."
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by Lunitik on Thu 9th May 2013 16:09 UTC
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Motorola would not have filed suit at all if Apple hadn't sued based on the shape of the phone and various icons which are pretty arbitrary.

Why are these legitimate patents, and not also patent abuse? For me, in this context, abuse means to use wrongly. Patenting something as obvious as rounded corners on a phone is absurd.

If Apple actually innovated, maybe this would go over better, but Apple doesn't even have a phone without the likes of Motorola putting in the RnD to develop the tech. By suing everyone that actually plays a role in the industry, people they depend on, they are simply building a straw house.

Honestly, I feel like these tech companies should rescind FAND offerings and just create Foundations that pool this research, include the players in the industry, then kick out people like Apple that are acting maliciously. There is no risk to all who act in the best interests of the technology because they are members, while people that don't play nice would be charged huge amounts in patent royalties.

Let them compete on products, not in the court room. It is simply crazy that the courts are actually siding with Apple in this, there is no advancement to technology in general by having rounded corners.

The only message this is really sending out is that you innovate at your own risk, you may not get anything in return for your advancements even if it proves invaluable - standardizing your innovation within the industry can enable all to benefit but you.

To my mind, it is appalling that Motorola and companies like it are losing huge amounts of money despite all they have done for the world - we wouldn't even have mobile phones without them!

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