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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This is the Nokia I remember. The company just unveiled the Nokia Asha 501, which has a completely new version of the Asha software platform. Fast, responsive, stunningly great and simple hardware, and an unbeatable price ($99!). It borrows a lot from MeeGo on the N9, and overall excites me infinitely more than their Lumia offerings. I want one of these so bad.
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by Moochman on Thu 9th May 2013 22:58 UTC
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What I don't get is why they chose this as the future of their low-end handsets instead of Symbian. With Symbian they would already have had lots more apps, a better and mature set of tools for developers (Qt), etc.... Seems to me like it has more to do with politics than with any logical technical arguments.

As for the responsiveness, I'll say this: it's fairly responsive for a low-end phone when it comes to basic functionality. But I really doubt that web browsing on this device is very pleasant.

I don't want one of these badly at all. Maybe just as a toy to play around with, but it's kind of like opting to use an ultra-low-budget netbook instead of a proper ultrabook.... They can both do a lot of the same things and look pretty similar, but the latter is a whole lot more capable and desirable.

At least I expect it to do well in developing markets, which is the whole point of the thing after all. And for that I have to give them credit. Still, the next wave of Linux-based OSes also targeted at these markets will likely blow the Asha platform out of the water.

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