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Legal New Zealand leads the way. "The government has announced a change to planned new patent rules today which has put an end to fears that computer software might be covered by new patent protection." Also, here's the evidence that nobody (except lawyers, (un)paid company lackies, and corporate managers) wants software patents: "Matthews said a recent poll of more than 1000 Kiwi IT professionals found 94 per cent wanted to see software patents gone." Let that sink in for a while: 94%.
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Hooray for the Kiwis...
by nicholasj on Thu 9th May 2013 23:59 UTC
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As an Australian, I'm supposed to somehow look down on the New Zealanders as a bunch of semi-literate sheep herders, but I find myself unable to give them anything other than mad props.

If you need any further evidence they're a particularly enlightened bunch, you only need to look at the way they dealt (40 years ago, mind) with the rising insanity of US-style ambulance-chasing injury compensation litigation.

From Wikipedia:

ACC is the sole and compulsory provider of accident insurance for all work and non-work injuries. The ACC Scheme is administered on a no-fault basis, so that anyone regardless of the way in which they incurred an injury, is eligible for coverage under the Scheme. Due to the Scheme's no-fault basis, people who have suffered personal injury do not have the right to sue an at-fault party, except for exemplary damages.[2]

In other words, you can't sue anyone for accidental injury, except in the most extreme negligence cases. And in return, the ACC will cover all of your medical costs - even as a foreigner visiting the country. Brilliant.

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