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Google "'Those are some unique glasses.' 'Are you wearing Glass?' 'He's got Google Glass on!' My appearance can be ostentatious at times, but wearing Google Glass in public drew a truly unparalleled amount of attention - never have I seen so many strangers (and people I know) give me this look of, 'uh, what's on your face?'" Gamechanger. If not Glass, at least something similar. Hunching over to use you phone is unnatural, and you close yourself off from your surroundings. No such thing with Glass - that alone will change the game.
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Or you can buy a purple hat, some minotaur horns, and a string bikini if you want people to look at you. Much cheaper.

Sidenote: Was at a Cake concert and the lead singer (somewhat playfully) chewed out an attendee for recording on his phone. Seems like people are more concerned with showing other people that they've had an experience, rather than actually having that experience. You can't fully enjoy a concert and record it at the same time.

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