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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This is the Nokia I remember. The company just unveiled the Nokia Asha 501, which has a completely new version of the Asha software platform. Fast, responsive, stunningly great and simple hardware, and an unbeatable price ($99!). It borrows a lot from MeeGo on the N9, and overall excites me infinitely more than their Lumia offerings. I want one of these so bad.
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RE: not good value
by NuxRo on Fri 10th May 2013 17:38 UTC in reply to "not good value"
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You can already buy vastly superior Android phones such as the Huawei G300 for around the same price. (4" screen, 800x480 resolution etc).

I see a lot of people screaming how this has no chance against the "vastly superior" cheap Android phones.

You and others are making the mistake of just comparing technical specs while forgetting not all people buy just because of that, not even geeks.

After using a smartphone for a 6 months, I ended up going back to my old Nokia 100. I realised what I needed was a reliable phone, not a tiny "laptop".

Sure, different people have different needs, but I do not believe I'm alone in this situation. I'm sure Nokia has a great opportunity here.

Asha 501 promises to be a great PHONE, I can see attention to detail and a quality build. The case colours are lovely and the battery LIFE seriously demands respect.

After the recent FirefoxOS device from Spain, Nokia Asha 501 is the only other phone that got me excited this year. And it doesn't even have 3G support.

I sincerely hope Nokia can up their game once more.

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