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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The Lumia 928 sports a 4.5-inch AMOLED display (PureMotion HD+), 8.7MP camera (PureView, Carl Zeiss, OIS and Xenon flash), 4G LTE connectivity, wireless charging, three HAAC microphones and a loud speaker. It's an improved Lumia 920." This is the Lumia that will turn Nokia and Windows Phone around. I'm super-serious you guys!
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PowerDive! Momentum.
by tomz on Sat 11th May 2013 00:08 UTC
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This is not an iPhone killer and only Apple with Steve Jobs mystique can be a one-phone company.

The 808 with symbian I think has a better camera.

The Windows archipelago (the PC, Xbox, and mobile that are three, not one platform, without a zune/ipod touch/android player!) isn't going to suddenly be compelling with one really, really expensive, top of the line phone with existing bad blood over the experience isn't going to recover.

Momentum works both ways. The S3 wasn't wonderful nor are its android peers, but the S4 and the new ones are a "safe" choice. Most people with Android phones don't utterly hate them. Most like them and are integrated and used to the ecosystem. At least so that their friends won't screech in horror at the idea of buying even some other brand (and they are quite nice too).

If you ask someone who got (suckered into buying) a win 7.dead-end phone going to say they should buy one? One of the earlier lumias? One of the surfaces? Windows 8? Vista? They will of course say "it will be different this time". Or more likely "Avoid microsoft like the plague - buy a dumb phone - I hope you are within the 14 days".

The mistake for Microsoft and Nokia was to push hard in a big way the earlier trash instead of having this the first phone. If this, or something which was near if not better than the N8 and N9/N950 as their debut. Something that had high-end peripherals to demonstrate the power.

Assuming someone was burned by WP before, will it be upgraded? What is the battery life? Is the camera as good as the new Blackberrys (Now that is a recovery, but they were gliding well above the ground).

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