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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The Lumia 928 sports a 4.5-inch AMOLED display (PureMotion HD+), 8.7MP camera (PureView, Carl Zeiss, OIS and Xenon flash), 4G LTE connectivity, wireless charging, three HAAC microphones and a loud speaker. It's an improved Lumia 920." This is the Lumia that will turn Nokia and Windows Phone around. I'm super-serious you guys!
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RE: Finally a desirable Lumia
by Nelson on Sat 11th May 2013 16:13 UTC in reply to "Finally a desirable Lumia"
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I think this is right on the money. I don't really care for 1080p and quad core processing, well maybe I do care about the latter but the screen resolution isn't a deal breaker for me.

However, IF Windows Phone had these features TODAY it would show that Microsoft can keep up with the pace of innovation in other phone OSes. The fact that it still doesn't is an indictment on Microsoft's mobile strategy.

They need to keep doing these admittedly good things, but at a faster pace.

And to me, that's always been Nokia/MSFT's problem. The Lumia 800 would've been nice in 2009 or 2010. The 928 would've been nice last year. Etc. They're always a year late and two steps behind.

That said, I think the 928 will provide a shot in the arm to US sales, but nothing major. If they ship more than half a million units after a full quarter of availability in the US then I'll be surprised.

This is why I want it to go international, an overseas 928 has great potential. Though they're understandably spending all their energy trying to do a volume play with low cost devices.

I think that if after this year, if Nokia has not made material gains in the market then there will be legitimate cause for concern. After all, this is their full strategy realized.

They're shipping 5.6m Lumia's a quarter at the moment, by the end of the year, if they're selling 20m a quarter I'll be a lot less worried.

5.6 million is a nice number, but realistically, Sony sells this in like a month. Sony.

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