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Windows "Microsoft's communications chief has a tough job these days, and with Windows 8 is under attack from all sides he's bravely called for a return to the center and a less partisan conversation about the new OS. There's just one problem: The periodicals he’s called out for engaging in 'sensationalism and hyperbole' are in fact right about Microsoft's strategy. And ignoring that is the real problem."
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by WorknMan on Sun 12th May 2013 23:49 UTC
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A tech company listening to feedback from geeks and the tech press is a fine art, where you really have to be wise enough to discern when you should listen to your detractors and when you should ignore them. Cases in point:

- The first time I saw a mention of the Nintendo Wii's new controller after they revealed it, the headline read 'Nintendo commits suicide.' It was the laughing stock of the gaming community, and everyone predicted the Wii would come in a distant third. They went on to sell about 100 million of those things, and you could hardly find one in stores for the first 2+ years after its release.

- When the iPad was first announced, geeks everywhere turned their noses up at it, saying 'Oh, this is just a big iPod Touch. It'll never sell ...'

So just because the feedback is initially negative doesn't mean you don't have a hit on your hands. Of course, in MS's case, they probably should've listened ;) But the point is, you never know ...

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