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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The reviews are in: Facebook Home, Mark Zuckerberg's grandiose stab at totally controlling our mobile experience, is an unmitigated disaster. On Wednesday, AT&T announced that it was dropping the price of the HTC First smartphone, which comes with Facebook Home built in, from $99 to 99 cents. Think about that: a new smartphone, priced to jump off the shelves at Dollar General. It's a great deal, but it is also hugely embarrassing for Zuckerberg. [...] For confirmation we need only look at the Google Play store, where the Facebook Home app, which can be installed on select Android phones, has now fallen to the No. 338 ranking in the category of free apps. That's 200 spots lower than it ranked just two weeks ago." Totally did not see this coming whatsoever.
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RE: Dumb idea anyway
by frank on Sun 12th May 2013 23:58 UTC in reply to "Dumb idea anyway"
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Funny how technology is frequently used to describe the degeneration of society. Yet, we feel completely justified when our salaries are high, or completely offended when our salaries are too low.

Even funnier that it's also the technical people who make that remark, as if we know where technology needs to end.

... or that as technologists we are sometimes the *last* to adopt new products and concepts. It's no wonder people don't like engineers and IT. We're a walking dark cloud of hypocrisy.

"dumb"... that's how you describe when someone forges ahead with a technique that's been tried before and failed. It's when someone ignores the obvious or doesn't change to account for past experiences. This idea wasn't dumb - in fact, it was quite rational. It's just not for me because I don't use facebook enough.

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