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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Last week our HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 head-to-head concluded that Samsung no longer makes the best Android phone. But after developments this week, I wonder whether Google wants Samsung to continue making Android phones at all." Yup.
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RE: Don't be sorry for Google ...
by arb1 on Mon 13th May 2013 00:14 UTC in reply to "Don't be sorry for Google ..."
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"Discouraging people from buying genuine Nexus Android phones by gimping the storage options and leaving off other features, such as LTE, and treating Nexus owners as unpaid beta testers, thereby leading folks to buy fake Android phones like the S4 instead."

I could be wrong but one of the reasons it didn't have LTE was cause then carriers themselves would wanted to modify the OS with their crap in it before it pushed to customers. Which any new OS update would been delayed months cause of it. Another reason for lack of storage was to keep its cost to end user down.

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