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Windows "Microsoft's communications chief has a tough job these days, and with Windows 8 is under attack from all sides he's bravely called for a return to the center and a less partisan conversation about the new OS. There's just one problem: The periodicals he’s called out for engaging in 'sensationalism and hyperbole' are in fact right about Microsoft's strategy. And ignoring that is the real problem."
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I still run XP64 in a virtual machine for Photoshop and such.

That's the thing about Windows - inferior OS, superior apps. And the FOSS community really doesn't do themselves any favors by releasing many of Linux's best apps on Windows. Just ensures that Windows users have the best of both worlds, giving them little incentive to switch.

As for Windows 8, we've talked about this at length in another thread, but I got used to it faster than Windows 7. When I upgraded from XP to 7, I found that MS had re-arranged the entire control panel and most of the settings dialogs, forcing me to relearn where everything was. Compared to that, adjusting to the new start screen was a breeze ;)

Now I like Windows 8, esp things like task bars on multiple monitors, native ISO mounting, a decent task/startup manager, the ability to pause while copying, and a handful of other things I used to have to install 3rd party utils for. If you ignore metro and stay in the desktop, it really is superior to Win7, and I would never go back, unless forced to.

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