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Windows "Microsoft's communications chief has a tough job these days, and with Windows 8 is under attack from all sides he's bravely called for a return to the center and a less partisan conversation about the new OS. There's just one problem: The periodicals he’s called out for engaging in 'sensationalism and hyperbole' are in fact right about Microsoft's strategy. And ignoring that is the real problem."
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RE: Feedback
by ze_jerkface on Mon 13th May 2013 01:09 UTC in reply to "Feedback"
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During the Windows 8 development period there were numerous comments from shop owners and admins that tried Win8 on users only to have overwhelmingly negative feedback.

Most of those comments were deleted.

Some negative comments were left to give some semblance of balance but in reality the blog comments were censored to serve the image of Sinofsky and Microsoft.

Those of us who followed the blog closely knew what was going on. Sinofsky was given full reign and that included trying to control public opinion. The most technically critical questions were deleted while comments like "I likey Windows 8" were left.

But I now see that our criticism was unwarranted. Windows 8 and Surface are a huge success. Windows developers were wrong and Sinofsky was right. The other day I had to wade through a Surface break-dance party. Some guy did a 10' backflip over me while handing a Surface to his buddy. True story.

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