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Windows "Microsoft's communications chief has a tough job these days, and with Windows 8 is under attack from all sides he's bravely called for a return to the center and a less partisan conversation about the new OS. There's just one problem: The periodicals he’s called out for engaging in 'sensationalism and hyperbole' are in fact right about Microsoft's strategy. And ignoring that is the real problem."
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May I know why you prefer memorizing "where" is the function instead of "search" for the function?

I would ask start menu devotees the same question ;)

Seriously though, some things can be found by searching, and some can't. For example, if you want to change the drive letters for your various disks, try searching for 'change drive letter'.

Also other things changed, such as you used to be able to change boot up order via the Advanced settings in My Computer. Now you need a BCD util. It's not bad, but just takes some time to get used to ...

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