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Microsoft "Most people understand that Windows is used by a variety of people who have a variety of needs, ranging from corporate server to workstation to POS terminals to home PC and beyond. Most people accept that whenever Microsoft updates Windows, it has to balance the competing requirements to find some kind of workable compromise. There is however another set of competing requirements that many do not really register, even those that call themselves power users or are IT admins. It is a conflict between developers/programmers and Microsoft itself."
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Comment by dnebdal
by dnebdal on Mon 13th May 2013 11:14 UTC
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All I really want is a statement saying something like "Writing desktop apps in C#/.NET will be supported for at least another N years/versions" , for some fairly high N.

Not that I write too many of those; the last thing I did was in Java (it needed to run on a handful of different OSes, and WebStart was convenient).

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