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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Last week our HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 head-to-head concluded that Samsung no longer makes the best Android phone. But after developments this week, I wonder whether Google wants Samsung to continue making Android phones at all." Yup.
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by Jbso on Mon 13th May 2013 12:42 UTC
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It seem like Samsung has worked hard to improve their update schedule, pushing out newer versions of Android. That used to be the biggest problem with Android. Now it turns out aluminum is the only thing that really maters. I think most people get used to the feeling of their phone after a couple days and don't even notice it anymore, so once you rule out premium feel as a crucial factor, Samsung may still have the best phones form most people. They certainly have the most options, so it's no surprise they'd satisfy more people. Is there any phone with better stylus support than the note? Any phone other than the Beam that has a projector? If you want a replaceable battery, you won't get that with HTC. The tech press is obsessed with the idea that one phone (or at least, one per OS) should be perfect for everyone, that's why Samsung is out of favor these days - because they believe the opposite.

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