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BeOS & Derivatives This is one of those news items that's fun to write, fun to read, fun to comment on, and where no one will be able to say anything unkind. It's all just one big ball of awesome fluffiness. TuneTracker, the BeOS radio automation software, has just released something very special: TuneTracker System 5, the first version designed entirely and specifically for Haiku. In fact, it actually includes Haiku in the software package. Better yet, TuneTracker also unveiled several system-in-a-box products - which have Haiku and TuneTracker pre-installed.
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RE[6]: Comment by frood
by leavengood on Mon 13th May 2013 15:40 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by frood"
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There used to be a way to remove focus from a BWindow even if it was selected, so the code I have used this to implement an input device that directed the input to the focused control on another BWindow, but Haiku breaks this. There's a work around, but it doesn't work in the exact same way and is ugly compared to the old way - your input BWindow just never gains focus and it looks wrong.

Please log a bug for this and it will probably be fixed.

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