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Google The only thing from the interview I care about: "We are thinking about how to make Android handle updates better. We see ways we can do this. It's early days. We're talking with our partners and working our way through it. We need time to figure out the mechanics, but it's definitely an area of focus for me and for the team." We've seen empty promises about this before, though.
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There is one more interesting comment
by chithanh on Mon 13th May 2013 21:24 UTC
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Thom, I don't know how you can not care about this, given that you wrote an article yesterday titled "Samsung is hurting Android":

Is it a problem for Google that Samsung is so dominant, and makes almost all the money on the platform?

I realize this gets played up in the press a lot. Samsung is a great partner to work with. We work with them on pretty much almost all our important products. [...] Look at Microsoft and Intel. They were very codependent on one another, but it served both of them well.

One might understand this comment like "Google+Samsung could become the new Wintel". That would be a very worrisome development for their competitors.

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