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Windows "Windows is indeed slower than other operating systems in many scenarios, and the gap is worsening." That's one way to start an insider explanation of why Windows' performance isn't up to snuff. Written by someone who actually contributes code to the Windows NT kernel, the comment on Hacker News, later deleted but reposted with permission on Marc Bevand's blog, paints a very dreary picture of the state of Windows development. The root issue? Think of how Linux is developed, and you'll know the answer.
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by Yagami on Tue 14th May 2013 09:52 UTC in reply to "Comment by ilovebeer"
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yeah .... so do I use both.

But my penis is larger when using Linux ;) ( such a crazy conversation , this is ) ;)

This whole conversation and topic is just toooo silly and the main point from the article is completly missed!

this isnt about "benchmarks and performance" ( because , kernel may be slower , optimized graphics make up for it , etc ... there is a whole stack of layers of software that alter the final performance vision of a computer ).

This is actually about companies like Microsoft and actually, any large company with employers and divisions/teams that defend more their job's and status within the company than the product and company itself.

Again, this is not something that doesnt exist on open source development ( with open source developers and their NIH sindrome ) .... but its different, because colaboration and patchs are extremely welcome and there is always the freedom to pick the code, fork and do it properly.

Having worked and experienced the huge difference from small open source companies and big JAVA enterprises.... i can relate to the topic completly.

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