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Windows "Today at the JP Morgan Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in Boston, Tami Reller shared with the audience that the update previously referred to as 'Windows Blue' will be called Windows 8.1 and will be a free update to Windows 8 for consumers through the Windows Store." They really didn't have much of a choice, but good news anyway.
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It makes things a little more restrictive. You have to use a UEFI compatible bootloader, you cannot develop your own anymore (osdev haunting)

Of course you can make your own boot loader. Any PC with the Windows 8 logo will allow you to disable secure boot or install your own keys. This is a requirement for the Windows 8 logo program.

This cannot be overstated: The Windows 8 logo program requires computers to be capable of both disabling secure boot and installing custom keys.

Frankly, I got more viral infection via web (xss) than got mbr corruption. So this whole "secure" boot stuff is basically just a lock-down.


A couple of weeks ago I cleaned a friend's computer of malware. Among the various types of malware it was infected with was a rootkit. This was on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine. "I don't get those" is completely meaningless.

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