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Intel LXer received a document from an anonymous source with the message "I read your article on linuxJournel about countries growing use of Linux. The attached article was posted in Intel's intranet site." It reveals that Intel expects to sell hundreds of millions of Linux-based computers in rural China. If Intel can sell a Linux computer in rural China.
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by Soulbender on Sat 5th Nov 2005 06:17 UTC
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$350 dollars is a massive amount of money if you're one of China's rural poor and it's not even that cheap.
I can easily buy a brand new system for much less, say around $250, without even trying very hard to find the cheapest solution.
Whoever wrote that document, if it is even real, has no clue whatsoever and neither does the LXer guy.
"Powerhouse" economy or not, the rural chinese are still very, very poor and they most certanly havent been "separated" from starvation. I'm sure they'll make a great minimum wage workforce for Intel's chip factories though.

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