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Intel LXer received a document from an anonymous source with the message "I read your article on linuxJournel about countries growing use of Linux. The attached article was posted in Intel's intranet site." It reveals that Intel expects to sell hundreds of millions of Linux-based computers in rural China. If Intel can sell a Linux computer in rural China.
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Intel not the only one
by chemical_scum on Sat 5th Nov 2005 06:44 UTC
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Intel isn't the only company trying to open this market. There is a HK based company whose name I forget. It is an IBM partner company (you can find out its name on that information I guess). It seems to have good connections in Beijing.

This company has produced a custom PPC chip with builtin modern Chinese support and a builtin Linux operating system (based on Midori if I remember correctly). It seems likely the government in Beijing will require the use of POS systems based on this chip to fufill its coming requirement that every cash register in China be online linked to the goverment's taxation system. The total sales potential of this are immense and the chip also has a self evident military potential.

However its CEO has dreams of getting cheap computers based on this chip to the countryside. The systems would be very basic with no hardrives and be essentially internet devices. He envisions them as not being bought by individual peasants but by by local communities to be used as kiosk systems. His aim is to create the largest online Linux community in the world connecting the vast Chinese peasantry together.

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