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Hardware, Embedded Systems "We're sure that more high-density Windows laptops are on the way, but the Kirabook is the first to make it to market. The laptop raises some natural questions: Does a computer that is both thinner and lighter than the Pixel and the Pros skimp on battery life to achieve these feats? Is the Kirabook good enough to justify its jaw-dropping $1,599.99 starting price? Most importantly, can Windows support high-density displays as well as OS X, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, and others can?" Great laptop, great screen, decent battery life - but Windows' scaling is a terrible mess. Metro is fine, but the proper desktop is a disaster.
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For instance, Microsoft could not render text on a non-compliant program before scaling, and instead do it after scaling. (Slower, because it has to be rendered twice - once for the program to know where the text is, and again for the real rendering, but...)

Then, raster-scale the rest.

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