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Google "Wired has obtained a copy of a cease and desist letter sent by Google to Microsoft today, demanding Microsoft immediately remove the YouTube app from its Windows Phone Store and disable existing copies on consumers' devices by May 22. The YouTube app for Windows Phone - developed by Microsoft not Google - strips out ads and allows downloading, both violations of YouTube's terms of service." Incredibly petty. Just come up with a solution, you bunch of kids.
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Comment by Nelson
by Nelson on Wed 15th May 2013 22:01 UTC
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Microsoft knew it was breaking YouTube's ToS, they're not dumb, but now they've done two things:

1) They got an implicit admission that Windows Phone has a relevant user base, relevant enough to justify a Cease and Desist. Google's prior position was that Windows Phone represented too small of a user base to warrant the investment (despite Microsoft offering to do the legwork) necessary to write an app.

2) They gave concrete reasons for why the C&D and if I were Microsoft I'd write a blog post and ask them for the relevant API documentation to allow for ads to be displayed.

I wonder where all the people defending Google as an open standards poster kid are? Here we are, after Google has axed CalDAV support and gone their own proprietary route and we get crickets from the usual suspects while Google still systematically locks competitors out of their services.

This has escalated quite a bit though, and it likely has to do with Google being mad that Microsoft uses their revenue from Android to finance the development of Windows Phone.

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