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Google "Wired has obtained a copy of a cease and desist letter sent by Google to Microsoft today, demanding Microsoft immediately remove the YouTube app from its Windows Phone Store and disable existing copies on consumers' devices by May 22. The YouTube app for Windows Phone - developed by Microsoft not Google - strips out ads and allows downloading, both violations of YouTube's terms of service." Incredibly petty. Just come up with a solution, you bunch of kids.
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Google removes any YouTube downloaders from the google play store. but leaves those that allow background play even though they are also breaking the T&C.

The only official way to embed video in an app (other than on Android) is to play the videos in a web frame which only works well with flash and on ios. The html5 official YT player is incredibly buggy which does not really leave any satisfactory way to embed videos other than developers implementing their own player.

I agree with the Google about the downloading as MS didn't have to add this feature.

But as MS don't have a way of creating a legal decent player then until Google provides workable player framework MS are justified in my opinion in reverse engineering the stream and creating their own player.

Interesting has XBMC also been sent a cease and desist letter as XBMC does not use the official google player either.

The sensible solution is google proved a workable YT frame work for both WP and XBMC.

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