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Google The big Google I/O keynote is still going on, but one piece of news deserves its own news item: Google just announced the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition. This is a Galaxy S4 with completely stock Android, the same you'd find on a Nexus 4. The bootloader is unlocked, it is carrier unlocked, and will receive update straight from Google. It'll be available from Google Play 26 June. Now - let's hope this comes to all popular Android phones. I'm throwing money at my screen for an HTC One Google Edition.
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This is awesome!
by WorknMan on Thu 16th May 2013 01:41 UTC
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Man, how awesome is this for those of us in the US, even if you stick with carrier versions? Assuming that the following are true:

1. All the carrier versions get unlocked bootloaders, AND ...
2. The Google version has pretty much identical hardware to the carrier versions

When Google updates their unlocked version, you should be able to flash the carrier versions with the same update, like you could with the VZW Gnex. It'll be like having a Nexus device on every carrier, just without the shitty radio of the VZW Gnex ;) Sure, it won't be a 'real' Nexus, but for 'enthusiasts', there won't really be any difference. You'll get a choice whether to use the Touchwiz stuff (which I might actually stick with) or just go with stock.

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