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Google "Wired has obtained a copy of a cease and desist letter sent by Google to Microsoft today, demanding Microsoft immediately remove the YouTube app from its Windows Phone Store and disable existing copies on consumers' devices by May 22. The YouTube app for Windows Phone - developed by Microsoft not Google - strips out ads and allows downloading, both violations of YouTube's terms of service." Incredibly petty. Just come up with a solution, you bunch of kids.
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odd strategy
by TechGeek on Thu 16th May 2013 10:59 UTC
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After reading all the comments, I will concede that maybe Google doesn't want to support Windows Phone because its a competing product. But that is exactly the argument Microsoft just made in court against Novell. Microsoft is not responsible for supporting competitors and neither is Google.

Or course, maybe Google actually did a cost analysis of creating a Windows Phone app and decided it was too costly and would never make money. Remember, Google SELLS ads, they give away Android. If there were substantial ad revenue to be gotten, I think Google would make the app.

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