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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "According to the latest research from our Wireless Smartphone Strategies service, global Android smartphone profits reached US$5 billion in total during the first quarter of 2013. Samsung dominated and captured an impressive 95 percent share of all Android smartphone profits." Wow.
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Hardly surpsising
by darknexus on Thu 16th May 2013 12:18 UTC
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This isn't surprising at all. International distribution, Aggressive marketing and carrier subsidies combined with features most people actually want (expandable storage and replaceable battery) would easily net them a large section of the market. Their horrible UI and pathetic handling of updates are something only power users care about. Most people don't even know what os their phone is running, and the UI is something they just put up with.
Hey Google, you listening? Hint hint: expandable storage, replaceable battery. It won't put them as high as Samsung as Google seems uninterested in carrier subsidies or pandering to their bloatware (and good on them for that) but it'll mean the power users turn to Google more often. As it stands now, while stock Android is what I want, I'm not buying any Google devices until at the very least they put the MicroSD slot back (the battery is annoying but I can live with it). Their internal storage options are shameful however and, if they're not going to offer high capacity options, they need to do something for the rest of us if they want our money. Distributing to more localities wouldn't hurt either.

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