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Google "Wired has obtained a copy of a cease and desist letter sent by Google to Microsoft today, demanding Microsoft immediately remove the YouTube app from its Windows Phone Store and disable existing copies on consumers' devices by May 22. The YouTube app for Windows Phone - developed by Microsoft not Google - strips out ads and allows downloading, both violations of YouTube's terms of service." Incredibly petty. Just come up with a solution, you bunch of kids.
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RE[6]: Petty?
by TechGeek on Thu 16th May 2013 16:24 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Petty?"
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"Do you people have impaired reading or cognitive skills?

Nope, but you seem to be unaware you contradict yourself in the same post.

I just said it was fine for them to do what they will with their own software/products. They just whine and bitch when the page turns on them and companies lock them out.

Yes, you did say that....Right after you whined about them "stonewalling" Linux for not giving Linux users Office.

They are that kid in the sandbox that wants to use everybody else's toys but refuse to share their own.

You Linux cry babies still don't get it. They have no obligation to share. You expect everyone to cater to Linux cuz you think it's so cool because it's free and it's not Microsoft. Linux cry babies who sit around running their mouth that they don't get to use Windows products are the worst.

Allow me to be presumptive and say thats not really the argument. The argument is that Microsoft is complaining about Google not supporting their platform due to size. Yet Microsoft does exactly the same thing in not supporting Linux. It doesn't matter whether or not we actually want support. Microsoft has for whatever reasons decided not to support Linux. Pot, meet Kettle.

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