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Google "During its Keynote today, Google announced new features coming to its flagship search function - you know, that thing we all started using Google for. VP Amit Singhal spent some time discussing what Google's search functionality will eventually morph into. Google's strategy is summarized by three words: answer, converse, and anticipate. Singhal explained that many of the pieces of these upcoming changes can already be seen in products that Google has recently introduced - namely, Google Knowledge Graph and Google Now, with perhaps a splash of Google Glass, too." I hold on to my hat every time Google changes Search. It's such a vital product in my daily life.
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RE[2]: I don't want
by Alfman on Thu 16th May 2013 16:30 UTC in reply to "RE: I don't want"
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"Yep, I've noticed the same thing recently. It's really irritating, it's like Google treats half my search terms as a typo, or as if the cat walked over the keyboard while I was searching. If I put four terms in my search query, I want ALL FOUR of them to be present in the results. I've found that it seems to work to enclose the 'ignored' 'terms' in 'quotes' even if they are single words."

^ yes, this ^

I hate when results don't even include all my search terms; I put them in there for a reason. Sheesh!

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