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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Android and iOS, the number one and number two ranked smartphone operating systems worldwide, combined for 92.3% of all smartphone shipments during the first quarter of 2013 as Windows Phone crept past BlackBerry for 3rd place. According to the International Data Corporation Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Android smartphone vendors and Apple shipped a total of 199.5 million units worldwide during 1Q13, up 59.1% from the 125.4 million units shipped during 1Q12." Windows Phone doubles from a few to twice few, iOS loser market share as its growth is slower than that of the overall market. BlackBerry continues slide into irrelevance.
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RE[2]: Hummmm
by Sodki on Thu 16th May 2013 21:04 UTC in reply to "RE: Hummmm"
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Well, you are on a train and you see blackberries being used. That kind of indicates that you are on a commuter train to a larger city. Larger cities have larger companies with more stringent requirements for business phones than smaller businesses. I think you may be seeing the effect of those policies, rather than a representative sample of smartphone use.

Jbso's comment was spot on. We see what we see because of where we are. For example, Blackberry is huuuuge in London, and I'm not talking about the business side, I'm talking about normal, everyday people, teenagers, etc..

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