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Google The big Google I/O keynote is still going on, but one piece of news deserves its own news item: Google just announced the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition. This is a Galaxy S4 with completely stock Android, the same you'd find on a Nexus 4. The bootloader is unlocked, it is carrier unlocked, and will receive update straight from Google. It'll be available from Google Play 26 June. Now - let's hope this comes to all popular Android phones. I'm throwing money at my screen for an HTC One Google Edition.
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Can't wait!
by cmost on Thu 16th May 2013 21:59 UTC
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As someone who has only purchased Google phones (Nexus One and now a Galaxy Nexus) I can't personally comment on carrier skins. I can however observe that it isn't in the best interests of carriers to update the OS on phones after they're released simply because customers would hang onto them longer. The carriers are in the business of making money. If they can get their users stuck on Gingerbread or older versions of Android to buy a new phone just to get a newer version of Android, they will make more money. My sister had a powerful LG phone (I forget the model) whose specs were well within those specified for Jelly Bean yet her phone never got updated beyond Gingerbread 2.3.4. Her carrier, Verizon gave her nothing but the runaround. I recommended that she purchase a Nexus 4 and then Google phones thereafter. She did eventually get a new Nexus and loves it. Sure, Google phones are expensive at the outset but since they're unlocked, can be moved to any carrier and receive the latest Android builds fairly quickly they're worth the price.

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