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Google Glass is getting some love at Google I/O as well. New applications have been released - Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Elle, Tumblr, and CNN. Perhaps more interesting: the newly announced Google Glass Developer Kit will allow offline applications and direct hardware access - great for hacking and expanding Glass' potential. This kit will really allow hackers to put Glass through its paces.
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RE[2]: Comment by ilovebeer
by peejay on Fri 17th May 2013 12:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by ilovebeer"
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Facebook and Twitter huh? What kind of tool buys that device to use Facebook and Twitter on it? What a waste.

This strikes me as "who would want to use email when we already have voicemail on our phones?" Yes, Facebook has all kinds of privacy concerns (as does Google) but it's ubiquitous now, and they've done a pretty good job of combining real-time chat (i.e. IM) with offline chat (i.e. email), and with general posting and commenting (i.e. Usenet). Just because some people haven't learned yet not to post every detail of their waking lives or only post cat memes or try to friend anyone they've ever seen doesn't mean it can't be a useful tool (keeping track of friends and family, upcoming events, etc). Just like email has spam, learn how to deal with it and filter it out.

As for Twitter, what kind of tool uses it at all?...

I do.

Some examples: I followed notch and jeb_ for minecraft updates back when I played it frequently and was interested in real-time updates to what they were adding to the game. And, I follow my local weatherman, because aside from getting some useful weather alerts, he also posts about geeky weather technology; as a local, he posts relevant local info (e.g. accident on the interstate, avoid it for the next hour, etc); as an alumnus of my university, he posts about the only college sports I really care about; as a human, he posts (perhaps weekly, not hourly) about his own life.

I hardly ever use it to post anything myself (I only have 1 follower anyway), although I do sometimes post directly to the people I follow.

The only real differences from Facebook are the publicity: you can pretty much read any tweets even without following the people; and, you don't have to be "friends" with people you are only mildly interested in. ;)

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