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Google Glass is getting some love at Google I/O as well. New applications have been released - Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Elle, Tumblr, and CNN. Perhaps more interesting: the newly announced Google Glass Developer Kit will allow offline applications and direct hardware access - great for hacking and expanding Glass' potential. This kit will really allow hackers to put Glass through its paces.
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RE[3]: Comment by ilovebeer
by ilovebeer on Fri 17th May 2013 17:58 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by ilovebeer"
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"Facebook and Twitter huh? What kind of tool buys that device to use Facebook and Twitter on it? What a waste.

This strikes me as "who would want to use email when we already have voicemail on our phones?"
That makes absolutely no sense to me. I don't see how you equate email vs. voicemail to facebook on a cellphone vs. facebook on a pair of glasses (for lack of a better description).

IMO a device like Glass has far better & more beneficial uses than simply as another way to upload pictures of your lunch to Facebook. It would be nice to focus on _new_ ways to take advantage of technology rather than `you can use Facebook from your phone, your pc, your refrigerator, and now even your eyewear!`.

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