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Google Ars nails it: "The answer is that Google did announce what amounts to a fairly substantial Android update yesterday. They simply did it without adding to the update fragmentation problems that continue to plague the platform. By focusing on these changes and not the apparently-waiting-in-the-wings update to the core software, Google is showing us one of the ways in which it's trying to fix the update problem."
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RE[3]: Hiding the problem...
by darknexus on Sat 18th May 2013 09:59 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hiding the problem..."
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Why is it that everyone quotes the same tired examples? Red Hat's business model is completely different from Google's. Red Hat's money comes not only from the sale of their os (which is the lesser income by far) but from support contracts. This is common in the enterprise world, where you purchase support contracts so that, should something go wrong with your systems, you can call up someone and demand they figure it out and fix it. This is where Red Hat makes its money and yes, they do it well. However, whether they use open source or closed source wouldn't matter much to them in the end. They target the corporate world, and what the corporate world wants most is someone to bitch at when something doesn't work. In that world, Windows server contractors and Linux are on an equal footing. Suggesting that Red Hat and Google are anything alike smacks of desperation and the inability to form a complete argument.

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