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General Development Appfour added, among other features, C/C++ support to its new version of AIDE. From Android-IDE, "Now you can write parts of your app or your whole app in C/C++ on your device. AIDE supports the Standard Android NDK toolchain (GCC 4.6 + Bionic, STL, ...). No changes are necessary if you want to build an app developed on a PC with Eclipse. C/C++ development is fully integrated: Build errors appear in the error list and files can easily be navigated to with Go to file. The editor supports C/C++ syntax highlighting."
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RE[4]: Hi Google
by thegman on Sat 18th May 2013 17:38 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Hi Google"
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Sure, many IDE/SDKs are free, for many reasons, mostly that they are funded from places other than direct sales, i.e. all the ones you mention are. Eclipse by IBM, Google, and others.

The problem comes that when you don't have a massive corporate sponsor, you either develop for the love of it, you stick in ads, or you get people to pay for it.

Developing for the love of it is great until the love goes away and you're left with a chore. Ads are of course annoying, and you barely make any money unless you have huge volumes. Then what's left is to charge for it, and $10 really is a tiny amount of money in first world nations.

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