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General Development Appfour added, among other features, C/C++ support to its new version of AIDE. From Android-IDE, "Now you can write parts of your app or your whole app in C/C++ on your device. AIDE supports the Standard Android NDK toolchain (GCC 4.6 + Bionic, STL, ...). No changes are necessary if you want to build an app developed on a PC with Eclipse. C/C++ development is fully integrated: Build errors appear in the error list and files can easily be navigated to with Go to file. The editor supports C/C++ syntax highlighting."
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RE[5]: Hi Google
by Kochise on Sat 18th May 2013 20:18 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Hi Google"
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It's not because the price tag of 10$ is affordable in the first world that I'm gonna throw them into nothingness.

While I do approve that AIDE is a bit more polished than Mr Lee's alternative, his is... well let me count... more than 6 times less expensive (1.50$ vs. 10$) for similar functionalities.

So unless AIDE provides really better usability, debuggability, etc... I'll sadly refuse the offer, without denying its positive point nonetheless. That's why I said 3-4$ would be a more fair bargain.

I spoke about TurboC/debugger that were fit for 386 era. We're 15/20 years ahead and cannot offer similar performances/functionalities and that's a shame. Google should address this issue because, especially tablets, nowadays, are ready to perform in-situ coding, by far.

Otherwise, what's those CPU/GPU, high res screens, bluetooth keyboards for ?


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