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GNU, GPL, Open Source OSNews is a sponsor of this year's O'Reilly OSCON in Portland, Oregon, USA. A lucky OSNews reader will win a free three-day pass, including two tutorials days. To win the pass, post a comment on this story saying something about Open Source Software or OSCON. We'll pick a winner at random next week. If you don't have an OSNews account, you may email us your entry. Part of the conference is the 9th annual Open Source Awards, and today the 16th is the deadline for nominations. If you'd like to nominate an outstanding open source contributor, do it here. Read on for more information about OSCON. Update: The 20% discount code for OSNews readers is "OSN."
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My first exposure to Opensource software was in 2003 when a friend lent me a Debian live CD (around 3.0 release, I think). Since then I've slowly drifted from being just a user into greater aspirations of contributory coding. I'm currently a CS student in PDX, but have had the privilege of apprenticing under someone utilizing Opensource technologies such as Python and CouchDB to implement a Geo based web app (satellite-layer map tiles integration). Around the same time I began the internship, I bought an expo pass for OScon2012 and received some of the greatest inspiration I've ever had. Being a relatively poor student, I was no financial shape to buy a full conference pass then, and though I only got a taste through hearsay in the expo hall and descriptions on the mobile app, I know that the talks themselves are priceless and among some of the best places to be for networking in the whole of this field. I am still in no financial shape to buy a pass, but can only hope that I might get picked at random to attend what I know would be fuel for some of the greatest ambitions of my career. Thanks for the chance!

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