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Google Why does Google get so much credit in the technology industry? Why, despite the company's many obvious failings, do many geeks and enthusiasts still hold a somewhat positive view on the all-knowing technology giant? A specific talk at Google I/O this week provides the answer.
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RE: Comment by kragil
by MysterMask on Sun 19th May 2013 12:35 UTC in reply to "Comment by kragil"
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1. Try copying their pagerank algho ans see what happens.
2. As long as they can benefit. Pagerank isn't OSS
3. You mean because Google is invaluable for finding illegal downloads? Go ask some Copyright holders.

5. They voted for HTML5 with DRM

7. Ask them about Pagerank internas or why Google services take the top spot in search results.
8. You pay with your privacy
9. Not on par with Gates.
10. Oh sure. Android devices are not built in Chinas sweat shops. *sight*
11. What stance on China?

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