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Games "At the end of a week in which Electronic Arts confirmed it wasn't developing a thing for the Wii U, one of the software engineers in EA Sports' Canada studio, in a series of since-deleted tweets, disparaged the console as 'crap' and suggested Nintendo should give up on hardware altogether. 'The Wii U is crap. Less powerful than an Xbox 360. Poor online/store. Weird tablet', tweeted Bob Summerwill, listed as a senior software engineer at EA Canada, in a reply to a tweet posting a link about EA's no-Wii U news. 'Nintendo are walking dead at this point'." The Wii U is turning into the 21st century's Virtual Boy.
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I'm sure he's free to resign and he can then spend all day voicing his opinion on a wide range of subjects.

Business is not a democracy, just like for example the army and sports team aren't. They all have goals and objectives, they are not Internet forums where people carry no responsibility and say whatever crap they care to share.

An EA developer calling the Wii U crap damages the relationship between Nintendo and Electronic Arts. It may impact sales, people's jobs and lives. And for what? Would this guy experience unbearable pain if he wasn't allowed to share his opinion on-line?

If you had a company, how would you feel if your own employee called your products crap? Or employees of a business partner criticizing you?

An employee gets PAID to do a job, not to voice opinions damaging his employer.

The Wii did great, millions of people enjoy playing games on it. How can the Wii U, an updated and much better version, be "crap"? Then the original Wii much be crap^2, but apparently it's good enough for many people.

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