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Google Why does Google get so much credit in the technology industry? Why, despite the company's many obvious failings, do many geeks and enthusiasts still hold a somewhat positive view on the all-knowing technology giant? A specific talk at Google I/O this week provides the answer.
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RE[2]: Comment by kragil
by JAlexoid on Mon 20th May 2013 00:55 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by kragil"
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1. Yandex and Baidu have done that. Both are massively popular in their respective countries, where that patent is not enforceable. You don't see Google whining about it.
2. Pagerank is not software. Learn what OSS stands for.
3. Google is no saint on copyrights in general, but they are one of the few that want a positive change. And Google is not against copyright holders and frequently act in their favour(DMCA takedowns)
5. Yes... and having a standardised DRM is worse than Silverlight here and Flash there?
7. They happily answer. Go read their replies to EU competition authorities...
8. And when did I lose my privacy?
9. Are you saying that anyone not donating as much as M&B Gates foundation is not worth mentioning?
10. Google doesn't make Android phones. NexusQ is made in US, by the by...
11. They didn't bow to pressure to sensor the search results and left the market.

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