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Google Why does Google get so much credit in the technology industry? Why, despite the company's many obvious failings, do many geeks and enthusiasts still hold a somewhat positive view on the all-knowing technology giant? A specific talk at Google I/O this week provides the answer.
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RE: It's all about business models
by acobar on Mon 20th May 2013 11:23 UTC in reply to "It's all about business models"
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Funny how you praise Apple and throws stones on everyone else.

Apple has trying to use stupid "should not be granted" patents to stop competition for years, it is fine to you. Note, I am not against patents, not even against software patents and I do find it hard to put software in the same level of math, it is not but, sincerely, there should be a way harder path to get them approved, the current system is a joke. To use the system to keep the trolls away is one thing, but to go and use "hard to believe" patents against competitors is something completely different.

When they were the underdog, they picked FOSS projects to leverage their products, I am fine with it, sponsors are welcome, but there were some misbehaviors on the path, like with khtml.

Microsoft is far from be a saint and even though I see them as a very competent tech company they sure have lots of misses and, from my point of view, deserves all the troubles they got and much more. Anyway, I would not count them out yet.

Of course Google has its problems, but I fail to recall any other company that brought so much benefits to the market through free services and stimulus to competition on all human history.

Lets recall that companies are just that, companies, they are out for money and there is nothing wrong with it and they may provide good things to society even thought they are out for their own interests.

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