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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless PocketNow interviews Marc Dillon, and there's an interesting note about why Jolla is keeping the display properties under wraps: "We're leaving some of those details out because we do understand that there are a lot of really big players in the market and they tend to take certain components in the market and dominate them. We created the ability to actually be able to run Sailfish on multiple hardware displays and be able to swap components, so this is part of the demand and supply planning phase. We are committed to this industrial design which is a 4.5-inch display, an 8 megapixel camera on the back and a front-facing camera at the front, and the exact specs of the display we'll provide when we're close to delivery." Something you rarely hear anything about.
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More than a billion people now have a smartphone, there are still something like 5 billion people left on this planet which have a feature phone.

So there is still a lot of room for a new player.

The price range is around US $50 or even lower.

There are Android devices at that price range, but they aren't very good as far I know.

I've heared FirefoxOS is targetting that price range as well and works better on that kind of hardware than Android.

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