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Games At an event earlier today, Microsoft unveiled the next Xbox - the third model, but confusingly named Xbox One. The big focus was TV, integrated Kinect, and all the other stuff we all expected to be forced down our throats. I think it took them 25 minutes to actually come to what should be the core of the story: gaming. Nothing groundbreaking in the gaming department, except for how Microsoft intends to handle the used games market and borrowing games from friends: pay up, buddy!
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Just to play Devil's Advocate...
by sparkyERTW on Wed 22nd May 2013 12:35 UTC
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... but has anyone considered that it might not be Microsoft themselves that are the main driving force behind this lockdown? We've seen in other entertainment media markets - music, books, video - that it's the publishers that are the ones demanding these sort restrictions. It's entirely possible that companies like Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard are the forcefully requesting this action from Microsoft. While Microsoft does benefit, the publishers have even more to gain. And as much as we think of Microsoft as a console giant, it wouldn't be too hard for the big publishers to bring them to their knees with sanctions of major franchises.

I'm not saying I'm right, and I'm not saying Microsoft's hands are clean even if I am. I'm just saying there may be more parties to blame here than just Microsoft.

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