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Games At an event earlier today, Microsoft unveiled the next Xbox - the third model, but confusingly named Xbox One. The big focus was TV, integrated Kinect, and all the other stuff we all expected to be forced down our throats. I think it took them 25 minutes to actually come to what should be the core of the story: gaming. Nothing groundbreaking in the gaming department, except for how Microsoft intends to handle the used games market and borrowing games from friends: pay up, buddy!
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by TM99 on Wed 22nd May 2013 17:52 UTC in reply to "Comment by ilovebeer"
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There are numerous conflicting reports.

It is not panic to simply have learned not to trust companies like Microsoft. After all those of us who have been around longer than they have know the score.

Of course Microsoft would never block other DOS from working with Windows 3.1. Don't panic Dr. DOS. Of course Microsoft would never use their desktop OS position to monopolize the browser market. Don't panic Netscape. Of course Microsoft would never replace their office document format that had become a world wide defacto standard. Don't panic Office XP users just because your .docs open in Office 2007 but their .docx won't in your version is of little concern. Of course Microsoft would never say original Xbox games would be compatible with the Xbox 360. Don't panic if a list comes out on which ones and some you just need to rebuy for the 360. Of course Microsoft would never deny that the 360 had serious hardware issues with overheating GPU's. Don't panic all of your RROD users - just buy a new one.

The move forward is walled gardens, downloadable games and applications only, cloud interaction whether you want it or not, and the one media device to rule them all.

It is not panic. It is that sinking feeling that yet again Microsoft will screw over its customers who keep on believing that maybe they won't this time. ;)

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