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Games At an event earlier today, Microsoft unveiled the next Xbox - the third model, but confusingly named Xbox One. The big focus was TV, integrated Kinect, and all the other stuff we all expected to be forced down our throats. I think it took them 25 minutes to actually come to what should be the core of the story: gaming. Nothing groundbreaking in the gaming department, except for how Microsoft intends to handle the used games market and borrowing games from friends: pay up, buddy!
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by TM99 on Thu 23rd May 2013 07:32 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by ilovebeer"
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This is where our opinions really part ways. While you prefer to believe in a crystal ball & fortune-telling future events, I prefer to hang tight until the realities of the Xbox One are actually revealed. It's amazing that anyone would think waiting for all the facts to come in is a bad idea.

As much as you think you're right, you have to concede that you can be wrong and that alone makes "wait & see" more sensible.

There is a high probability I am right because my predictions are not based on a crystal ball but on the facts as presented, the companies history, the current industry trends, etc. It is called analysis, not fortune telling. It is used in many fields, but you probably know this. ;)

Here is a funny but accurate summary of the new Xbox One:

This article/interview gives us more information about how always-on will eventually be a reality:

And the OSNews posted AnandTech article backs this up. This console is not a new generation gaming console like the PS4. It is a risky 'one media box' to rule them all gambit. They want to control the entire eco-system.

The always-on is coming. New reports are stating that the console 'must' phone home once a day to 'verify' the DRM games. And the cloud hardware integration will have us expecting games to quickly take advantage of this 'feature' and wam bam thank you mam, we are into the always-on internet access is required for this game title scenario which was predicted (and denied).

Waiting for all of the facts could mean that by the time you have them, the reality has hit you in the face. Facts plus analysis plus trending gives you the best of all possible worlds. Sure I might be wrong on a few points. But I am prepared for all the contingencies. And if I want to 'shape' my own life, I can make these educated guesses, avoid the One, go back to the WiiU and watch Nintendo. ;)

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