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Games "Sony gave the PS4 50% more raw shader performance, plain and simple (768 SPs @ 800MHz vs. 1152 SPs & 800MHz). Unlike last generation, you don't need to be some sort of Jedi to extract the PS4's potential here. The Xbox One and PS4 architectures are quite similar, Sony just has more hardware under the hood. We’ll have to wait and see how this hardware delta gets exposed in games over time, but the gap is definitely there. The funny thing about game consoles is that it’s usually the lowest common denominator that determines the bulk of the experience across all platforms. On the plus side, the Xbox One should enjoy better power/thermal characteristics compared to the PlayStation 4. Even compared to the Xbox 360 we should see improvement in many use cases thanks to modern power management techniques." AnandTech does its usual in-depth thing.
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RE: Performance
by WereCatf on Thu 23rd May 2013 07:48 UTC in reply to "Performance"
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The PS4 clearly has the edge when it comes to raw GPU performance. The question is if it matters at all. I would guess that games are now developed to accommodate for the lowest common denominator.

That's quite likely true. Game devs can crank shader quality up if the game is running on the PS4, but on the whole it seems unlikely they will do much else. The PS4 exclusives are a whole 'nother matter, though, like e.g. God of War - games are notorious for pushing the device to its limits just for the sake of eye-candy.

The way microsoft is running this makes me kind of smile and shake my head. One time use discs? Pay a fee when reinstalling a game? Always on internet?
No thanks, MS.

There is no fee when reinstalling the game, you've been reading some really false claims. The fee comes with used games. Also, there is no always-on requirement just as long as the box can phone home once a day.

I'm european, and you can bet that all the tv and entertainment crap won't even work outside of the US anyway. It never does ... so there's no value in it for me there.

Aye. As I commented yesterday on Gamespot it's unlikely any of the Xbox's most-flaunted features will work here at all and even the few things that do work will have some serious shortcomings, like e.g. all the sports-related stuff will be all about the U.S. -- no Finnish teams, no news about developments in the Finnish sports scenes, no interest from the Finnish Average Jane & Joe -- and the Kinect requires you to speak English to the system.

The PS4 is much more focused on doing gaming first-and-foremost and making that activity the easiest and most capable one and I feel that's why it will find a market much easier in areas where Xbox's new features don't work or work poorly. Of course, at this point things may still change as the PS4 ain't yet been officially revealed.

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