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Google "In the midst of the major press blitz surrounding its annual I/O Conference, Google dropped some unfortunate news about its instant messaging plans. In several places around the web, the company is replacing the existing 'Talk' platform with a new one called 'Hangouts' that sharply diminishes support for the open messaging protocol known as XMPP (or sometimes informally Jabber), and also removes the option to disable the archiving of all chat communications. These changes represent a switch from open protocols to proprietary ones, and a clear step backward for many users." That's why I always say: only suckers trust companies.
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Comment by shmerl
by shmerl on Thu 23rd May 2013 23:02 UTC
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A really crooked move driven by some selfish interests.

Google could do things differently in a number of ways:

1. Extend XMPP and Jingle to cover their needs for Hangout which can't be satisfied with current XMPP capabilities (and naturally publish these extensions).

2. If for some reason they can't do #1 - develop another protocol, and publish it. Only then start rolling it out, but without cutting existing users off their contacts outside Google.

Google didn't explain why they can't do #1. They didn't do #2 as well, instead creating some closed protocol and threatening to cut current users of XMPP off. Do they still claim not to be evil?

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