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Apple "Sources have described iOS 7 as 'black, white, and flat all over'. This refers to the dropping of heavy textures and the addition of several new black and white user interface elements." I couldn't be happier.
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Some will be happy
by Chrispynutt on Fri 24th May 2013 14:56 UTC
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I know many will be happy.

However there are also many mobile OSs that offer flat design.

Not being an iDevice user I asked a designer/illustrator I am working with what he thought of it.

He was worried a lot of the charm and personality would be stripped from iOS. I showed him some of the more charming Holo apps on my phone and he wasn't impressed.

Many people will be very happy with the flattening of iOS.

Many will see it had the destruction of joy and personality.

I wonder what the general population will think of this. Then again I am from the UK a large portion of my country wishes Modernism had never happened.

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