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Apple "Sources have described iOS 7 as 'black, white, and flat all over'. This refers to the dropping of heavy textures and the addition of several new black and white user interface elements." I couldn't be happier.
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RE: Some will be happy
by tkeith on Fri 24th May 2013 15:56 UTC in reply to "Some will be happy"
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You're probably right, some people will complain about the change, while others will love it. But isn't that almost always the case? I know a lot of people that are still upset about Windows changing the widgets with XP to the rounded corners, and set it to Windows 95 style.

Maybe every OS shouldn't be flat and skeuomorphism free, but even iOS fans must agree a refresh is needed. It will be interesting to see where Apple falls into design. Personally I prefer the more subtle and transparent Holo look to Microsoft's loud(intrusive?) and colorful "Metro".

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